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Imagine. A garden. A place full of life and vitality. A place where daily routine is seen as a joy rather than a tedious chore. There you will find all things delightful. There you will find simplicity. There you will find renewal. There you will also find a deluge of goodies for your skin and body to feast. Ultra-emollient skin butters, the essence of plant botanicals and inviting aromas, and moisturizing nut and seed oils will nourish dry, dull skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and revitalized. The Origins of Eden brand combines the concept of intentional self-care and holistic wellness with practical skincare solutions that work to improve the appearance of your skin and overall well-being. We believe that when you feel and look your best, you not only LIVE your best but you GIVE your best self to others around you!

The lesson we learn in the story of Eden is quite simple:  “Get back to the beginning!”  That is what founder and owner of Origins of Eden, Keshia Foxworth, did after evaluating how she was treating her body.  Fueled with a desire to become holistically healthy, Keshia became more conscientious about what she put into and on her body.

Fascinated by what she was learning, Keshia began experimenting with various herbs such as cascara sagrada, cayenne, grapeseed extract, and ganoderma for consumption.  She then began formulating face cleansing formulations and body moisturizers using essential oils, nut oils, and seed oils to reap their antioxidant-rich benefits and began to notice a difference in her skin and body.

As Keshia developed and tested more skin care discoveries, word began to spread about her one-of-a kind products, prompting an immediate and growing fan base.  She dared not let this God-inspired product line be kept a secret and has now made it available to you! Origins of Eden was birthed!

So come. Enter the garden. Experience a bit of Eden, and vigorously pursue and enjoy the passions of your soul with confidence. Be well. Look Well. Do well. On purpose!