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Anti-Aging Skincare, eh?

Anti-Aging Skincare, eh?

Anti-Aging Skincare, eh?



Hi VIP and thank you for joining me!

I am so excited to have you here, and I sincerely hope that you will find some of the things that I will share in our newsletters and on our site from time to time of value to you!

Sooo, if you’ve already read a snippet of my story on my site’s page, then you probably have a general idea of why I titled this piece as such.  I’m sure that you’ve been inundated with tons of skincare regimen “how to’s” or the “latest best kept secret ingredients” that you must include to achieve healthy, glowing skin over the years.  And you’ve probably tried at least a couple or maybe fourteen of them at some point in your quest for flawless skin.  But because life happens daily, it kinda’ makes it difficult to keep these routines. I know this all too well; and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the most consistent person, either!

But what if I let you in on a tiny, not-so-revelatory secret right now?  Would you promise to tell others, as a favor to me, too?

Well, here’s the naked truth: There’s simply no such thing as “anti-aging” skincare unless you have the lifestyle to support it!  And even if somehow you could live inside of a bubble or cave – free from the elements of the air – the skin will still age.  Now before you dismiss this article altogether and conclude that I’m just some click bait saleslady, let me assure you that I am not!  But what I am, though, is a practical, proactive realist, who believes in sharing pertinent information with you, a VIP and potential buying customer – thereby allowing you to make an informed decision about what you choose to put on your body!

The philosophy of the Origins of Eden brand is built on these premises:

Is your routine and goal for healthy skin –

  • Practical – A skincare regimen shouldn’t be cumbersome or complicated. Are you likely to succeed with weighty routines if life is happening already as a busy, purposeful person? We want to simplify that.
  • Pertinent – Is the wealth of your health and appearance relevant to the passions you seek to pursue or are presently pursuing? We believe that skincare solutions should encompass a holistic approach – one that entails you looking and feeling your best; being the beautiful, naked, unashamed, active, and graceful you.
  • Proven and Proactive – We think that prevention is better than cure. What we mean is that we incorporate nut and seed-based oils and skin butters and botanical clays that have an exceptional antioxidant capacity in our products (I’ll share more in future newsletters on the relevance of incorporating antioxidant-rich oils in a skincare regimen).  We believe that consistently using nut and seed-based oils and butters on your skin (your largest organ) will benefit your skin NOW and do it a world of good in the long run.  Besides, we don’t tout or claim ANY cures, anyway.  We don’t need the FDA knocking on our door!

Our promise to you?  Healthier looking, softer, and glowing skin.

And since we’re already here, let me also assure you that the Origins of Eden brand, a handcrafted beauty brand that prides itself on using nut and seed-based oils, skin butters and plant botanicals, is not here to preach to you about the “nasties” of other mass-produced beauty products. That’s not our style. We don’t believe that everything that is “not natural” is bad for you and that you should somehow avoid all chemical-containing products.  Besides, how is this even possible when we need H2O and sodium chloride to live?  Tehehehe J. I couldn’t resist; but hopefully you get my point – “anti-aging skincare” is HYPE. That’s why we emphasis practical solutions and pride ourselves on transparency and simplicity.

Perhaps what the beauty industry means when they list “anti-aging” as a product feature could better be described as a product’s ability to “slow” the aging process with some visible results with consistent use.  Keep in mind, though, that the ability of these products to slow down the signs of aging depends greatly on your everyday lifestyle.  Simply walking outside of your home (environmental pollution), periodic or daily stressors, and what you choose to put into your body all contribute to the aging process.  Every day that we’re alive, we’re gonna’ age! And at some point, the skin will become thinner.  There’s simply no way around “anti-aging”.

Now after you’ve released a big WOOSAH (Go ahead…do it! It’s good for mental health, too ;-)), I do have some good news! Beauty really does start from within; and you, VIP, have the power to determine it!  Have you evaluated how you’ve been treating your body lately?  Are you getting enough rest or are you constantly on the hamster’s wheel?  If not, you’re asking for skin jet-lag.  Has your body been a temple that you intentionally and purposefully maintain?  How has your intake been with that chemical, H2O?  Do you consider your body a holistic haven for healthy habits? Even subtle ones? Or has it been quite the opposite?

I can’t say this enough, but life is busy for most of us.  And very few take time to appreciate the necessity of personal wellness, but for a stolen moment or on an occasional whim.  As with many of us, we often only address the signs of time in our body and our skin’s health when we can no longer ignore its subtle cry for attention.  The Origins of Eden brand combines the concept of intentional self-care and wellness with common-sense, practical skincare solutions that work to improve the appearance of your skin and overall well-being.  Our goal is to go a step further and take an educational approach to wellness and skin health to explain why and how antioxidant-rich nut and seed oils and skin butters help you achieve healthy, glowing, and hydrated skin, naturally.  By doing so, we hope that you’ll find your own personal “why” in taking a more proactive approach to holistic wellness.  We firmly believe that information is vital to the health and wealth of your whole being.  Hence, our brand is about consciously making time for you – the uniquely, naked and unashamed you – enough to love the skin you’re in and take notice now!  Nurturing the whole you is at the center of our philosophy.  Invest in yourself.  Simplify your skincare routine — Eden’s way!


Disclaimer:  The information described in this article expresses the sole opinion of the author from her diligence, knowledge and experience as a creative formulator of handcrafted beauty products.  It is advisable and suggested to seek medical advice with your practitioner as needed or as deemed necessary before use of any of the products listed herein.

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