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Hello Garden Guys and Girls!


Let me start off by saying HOW SUPER EXCITED that I am to be here! “Where is HERE?!,” one might ask?  Well, it is a place for me and others like me to connect.  It is a place of commonalities.  It is a place for me to share with you what God has given to me as it relates to Living Life His Way – spirit, soul, and body.  It is a place for me to challenge you and for you all to challenge me to be accountable to a healthier way of BEING, LIVING, and FREELY enjoying the things He has so richly blessed us with on THIS side of GLORY.  This place will serve as a platform to gain information on living healthier, the natural way, to do the work of His Kingdom.  I am a firm believer that it does us NO good to talk about going to heaven, but then pay an unnecessary price in our physical body before we get there.  This was never what God intended in His original plan for man.  This place will serve as a vehicle to share wisdom on several aspects of health, beauty, eating, and wholeness His way.  I know we are already bombarded from media on what to eat, and what not to eat. We already know why we need to exercise and how much we need to “burn” to see results.  And I’m not saying that all of this does not have its place.  It certainly does! But what I am saying is this:  Feelings of being overwhelmed and inept to complete a REGIMEN will make even the most well intentioned person turn in his membership card before Day 3 rolls around.  On the extreme opposite end of this picture is allowing your food consumption (or lack thereof) and exercise regimen to become a “religion.”  Do you know what I mean? How many of you know some folks “who would NEVER eat this or consume that” but criticize others that do OR someone who “must get 10 workouts in before the sun goes down everyday,” and if they don’t their entire mood is altered for the rest of the day and you know about it? My intent here is not to fingerpoint or single anyone out; however, neither of these examples represent a life of freeness.  Let me be clear to you that I have “not arrived” at a level of discipline where I don’t still desire the chocolate (not the good kind, either J), or the sweet potato pie on any given holiday.  But, what I do is try to work on everything in moderation.  When I was 40 pounds heavier than I am now, I could care less about moderation.  I wanted what I wanted because I felt like that was the one thing I could have and no one could tell me NO.  I had to realize that this was an issue rooted in my soul and it needed to be worked on.  Oh goodness, I could go on and on for this very first blog, but I will save some for next time. I have plenty more to talk about with you.  Just know that here you will find information on SO many topics: From essential oils and aromatherapy, to cayenne pepper and metabolism. You will gain pointers on antioxidants and cellular functions and learn the importance of skin toning and exfoliation.  I must go now, but my question to you is this:  Will you join me on this journey towards abundant living?


Until next time, I’m reminded that I am just simply Godzgurl, Made In His Image, and Living Life His Way!

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  • Angie D

    I want to start off by saying THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for following GOD’s path of health and wellness. You really care about people and their health. Because of your encouraging and suggestions, you have lead me to a path of health self awareness, not only for me; but for my kids. Who ever thought the day would come that I would be so Darn excited about my body, skin, and JUICING!! I am so excited about this whole renewal of the mind, body, and soul. I plan on taking my kids to the grocery store tonight to allow them to pick the fruit and veggies that they want to juice for themselves. Mind you, it is no longer what restaurant you all want!! I am so excited and wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! I am joining the journey.

  • Godzgurl

    Wow Angie, 
    This is great news and I am excited that you are excited! Yes, we have to train our children very early on about healthy eating practices and make it FUN for them.  Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, the journey of self-discovery is worth the first step.  I want to thank you for joining this journey with me. I am especially grateful for the example you are setting for your kids by modeling how to “Live Life God’s Way!”  . Until next time,

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