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Hello Garden Guys and Girls,


How many of you have uttered these words as kids?  Well, I sure did!  In fact, I remember several occasions where I was quite vocal in saying these words to or about someone when I was younger.  I honestly had no clue the impact that these words had when released into the atmosphere.  I can recall being in middle school (honestly I think it was more like 5th grade) when the “new boy” at school handed a note to someone who delivered the note to me. It read something on the lines of “I like you, do you like me? Check yes or no.” Yes, I already know what some of you are thinking! I was thinking the same thing too! (My grandma didn’t play that!!).  When I read it, I immediately started crying…wailing almost, and then shouting, “He makes me sick!” Let me just say that this incident was so intense until the teacher (who had some very choice words for me) in essence told me to get myself together (As an aside, this was a different kind of teacherJ).  So not only were my “feelings” hurt, my “bottom” was hurt too, because I got a whipping for my public outcry that day! Honestly, I think I cried so hard because I was so nervous of what my grandmother would say if she found out. J 


Well, as I got older, I stopped projecting these same words onto “people” but then I started to project them toward “things.” I can recall my first job after college and the way it made me feel the closer I got to my destination.  I absolutely dreaded going there, and my whole physical being attested to it.  I could not understand why I literally felt sick and nauseous as I got closer, but I knew it was a place where I didn’t want to stay much longer. The truth of the matter is, I absolutely did not like that job, nor did I like my surroundings on the job.  In a very short time, I found my opportunity and left that environment, not necessarily in the best way, but I left nonetheless!  Trust me, I could provide plenty of illustrations where I chose to NOT use life-giving words or I responded in a manner that yielded less than desirable results.  But, I won’t here.  


My point is this:  EMOTIONS AND OUR WORDS CAN MAKE US PHYSICALLY SICK!  If we’re not careful, worry, guilt, grief, irritability, anger, and fear will stress us to a point where physical symptoms will manifest in our body and, in extreme cases, take us out of here prematurely. Make no mistake about it, research and modern science tells us that these negative emotions can make us ill.  The neurotransmitters that fire in the brain also connect with hormones, immune cells and organs, contributing to disease and poor health.  When cells are “stressed,” it causes an immunological breakdown in our body.  Our bodies are not at peak performance to fight off illness, infection, and disease because we are “stressed” about things that God has told us to cast over anyway!  It’s not my truth, it’s His.  This is also probably why Jesus tells us to take His yoke and learn of Him. When we learn His way of doing things, only then are we able to rest in Him for ALL things, especially when God has made us to sit in heavenly places with Jesus anyway!  So, if we should be seated, why are we so “tired” all the time? Could it be that we are trying to do things in our own strength? I believe that this is why we are commanded to renew our minds? Once we renew, then are we better able to freely enjoy the things that He has ALREADY promised us. We gain a fresh revelation and insight of who our Heavenly Daddy really is and how much He desires that we rest in Him.  But when we are concerned about how our light bill is going to get paid, or how we’re going to pay a car note, or whose mouth your name has been in and you’re chasing its origin down, then we have missed it!


For some of you, the information that I’ve just shared about the connection between disease and the mind may not be new news and sound a bit elementary. So if this is the case for you, then that’s okay.  But for others, it may be just what you need to give you pause for thought.  Listen, I am very practical and matter-of-fact when it comes to most things.  Having said that, I think that there are many of us who absolutely love the Lord with all of our heart. But the truth is, many of us have erred in our thinking and assume that things are “gonna be what they are” and consequently live below our intended place in the Kingdom.  Why? We clamor up at the smell of fear, we worry about things that have already been answered in His Word, we mull over past experiences never moving forward, and the list goes on. 


If we are concerned about something, see what the Truth says about it.  We know what the facts are already. But what good does rehearsing facts have to do with the Truth?  Absolutely nothing! We well know how to rehearse facts.  We do this effortlessly. But, why not try something different this time? If you are against a deadline, say “Father, my times are in your Hands!” If you are fearful of how a thing is going to turn out, say “Daddy, thank you that there is no fear in you!” and believe it.  If you are struggling with a past fault, say “Father, I thank You that I was made the righteousness of You in Christ Jesus!”  If you are believing God for a physical healing, say “Father, I thank you that I was already healed by the blood of Jesus!” and keep saying it until you see healing manifest. Let me just share a nugget here though.  Remember, I said that I was a practical kind of girl, right?  Well I highly believe that when you exercise more wisdom in a thing, you can use your faith on something else! No, you can’t be inhaling Krispy Crème donuts every time the hot light is on and washing it down with a Coke, making statements of faith at the same time.  There is still a natural order to things, and self-control has to be in place.  Again, I am convinced that it still has to do with issues in the soul (mind, will, and emotions) and must take a mind transformation to uproot the problem.  But this is for another day.  J 


Essentially, it is up to you to shape the kind of life that you desire. You see, everything God created was created and is being upheld by the Word of His Power!  If we believe that we are Co-Creators in this earth, then we must be careful in choosing our words wisely. Words are seeds that produce life. But you must CHOOSE the life that God has set before you.  He is a perfect gentleman and never forces His way.  Thank God for making you WHOLE – spirit, soul, and body!


On our next chat, we will explore essential oils, and how and why they are used to heal both physically and emotionally.  You will understand why I love aromatherapy and its concepts so much and why I am a fan of my adored essential oils. 


Until next time, I am reminded that I am just simply Godzgurl, Made in His Image, and Living Life His Way!

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  • Svetlana

    I love the sentiments expressed here. It is very easy during the course of a day to say words that don’t edify, support or build up. Thank you for reminding me that I can place a gate before my mouth and censor the words that flow forth from it. I love this blog! Keep it going!!

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