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Ayate Cloth

Ayate Cloth

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This cloth is a MUST HAVE if you desire healthier looking skin.  Handcrafted by artisans in a small cooperative community in Mexico, the fibers from the agave tree are hand woven to produce this luxurious exfoliating cloth. The magic of this cloth shrinks in water, making it ready for immediate use.  Buff your way to beauty for only $1 dollar a month for a year!


2 reviews for Ayate Cloth

  1. Svetlana Lucas

    My AYATE CLOTH rocks!!!!! It is a rough textured bathing instrument, but it is not so rough that it cannot be used. No, the cloth is not similar to a loofah. The loofah doesn’t even compare because it is soft and spongy when used and it gets gunky over time, but the Ayate cloth retains its texture, which is why it works as a cloth and skin stimulator. All I can say is BONUS!! When you purchase it, don’t be offput by the scratchiness of the surface. Actually, that is the very reason that I love my cloth. The roughness of the texture is its beauty. It is an exfoliant that you can use everyday in the bath. So basically, you should use it just like a washcloth. The stimulation on your skin will be absolutely amazing. You will feel tingly and all alive after using the cloth. Your skin will actually glow–YES, I DO MEAN GLOW–directly after you finish using it. Overtime, your skin will develop an illuminated finish from within. There is nothing like it!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Garden Girl

    As a child I was always told I was heavy-handed, but I did not realize how much so until I got my ayate cloth. In spite of warnings on the product and verbal admonitions from Keshia, I used my ayate cloth so much that I literally scrubbed my skin raw. I was one reddish brown garden girl! I called customer care at Origins of Eden to tell them about what had happened. The customer care associate was very kind. She told me that I had overused the cloth and that now my skin was in shock. That was embarrassing, but the customer care person did not make me feel bad. Instead, she told me to gently apply the Banging Body Butter over my raw skin at least twice a day and to NOT use the ayate cloth for at least two weeks. I did just as I was told. In the two week interim I began to notice that my skin was coming back better than ever. I had glowing skin; it was soft and gently hued. I mean, my skin was amazing. Evidently, my mistake led me to have what I originally wanted, more luminous skin, but I went about it the wrong way. In the end, though, and because of the help of Origins of Eden staff persons I am better for it. My skin is still fresh and new looking and I don’t go a day without my Banging Body Butter—the ayate cloth, on the other hand is used less vigorously AND less often!

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