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STOP!!!! AND SMELL THE ROSES…while you’re at it

STOP!!!! AND SMELL THE ROSES…while you’re at it


Hello Garden Guys and Girls,


Yessss, I am aware that this blog title sounds a bit “cheesy” and it is something that many of you have probably heard thrown around on many an occasion, but what if I told you that it really does have more merit than you once thought?  I have probably known for at least a couple of months now that I would more than likely choose this “cheesy” title when I penned my next blog post, because it has much relevance to what I want to share with you now.  For all practical purposes, I could’ve titled this post Selah.  After all, I do offer a product after its name through my online store, designed for you to do just that –pause, reflect, refocus, and relax.  But I opted for cheesy J.


I can remember the rose bush that we had at the edge of the road as a little girl when growing up back home, and I absolutely did not like it’s smell AT ALL!! As a matter of fact, I can remember when it started to bloom at the peak of the season, I would literally hold my breath as I passed by it on my way to the corner bus stop because of its heady, rich fragrance.  I had no idea that I was missing out on all of the aromatic benefits of this expensive and prized plant all of this time! It literally takes 5000 pounds of fresh rose petals to produce 1 pound of rose essential oil.  Now Selah on that fact! That’s why rose oil is SO expensive.  The fragrance of rose can bring healing, (which I will discuss in a later post and how it relates to the prevention of disease by having the highest essential oil electric frequency of them all!) and elevate one’s mood through the olfactory system – not to mention that it is a wonderful wrinkle-reducer in cosmetic preparations J.


Daily application of essential oils can be traced back to biblical history and it was highly regarded for its medicinal benefits on the spirit, soul and body.  Even the Holy Anointing Oil recipe that was given to Moses by God contained essential oils that had anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, immune-stimulating, mood-altering abilities, and more.  Those in the day of Moses and also the early church understood the value of employing the use of essential oils to heal sicknesses, diseases, and minister deliverance to those who sought it.  Am I saying that the oil alone simply heals? NO! I don’t put my faith in the essential oils.  But what I AM saying is that through faith and trust in Jesus, and allowing the therapeutic and chemical properties of essentials oils to work provides a conduit for Him to minister healing to those whom believe (James 5: 14-15) And no offense intended but, you see, the oil of that day was much more than your inexpensive plastic bottle of olive oil taken from the shelf or melted Crisco that was simply dabbed on the forehead of the individual.  In fact the basic Bible definition of the word “anoint” means to pour all over, rub into, and smear on.  When used in that day, these oils spoke to the nostrils of that person. These essential oils that were rubbed onto the skin went into the skin, and directly into the bloodstream.  These essential oils were able to pass the blood brain barrier to help correct bodily dysfunction and restore vitality to the person who needed it and where they needed it the most.   Essential oils are not like the indiscriminate antibiotics of today that wipe out every good bacterium your body has, along with the current invaders.  But they are the intelligent life-blood of the plant that contains miniscule molecules that sends signals to your brain, allowing your body to respond accordingly to the message that is received in your brain through a technique called aromatherapy.   


Regular inhalation and application of essential oils can encourage healing in the body because the molecules are small enough to permeate the cellular walls in the body to promote healing – whether that be spiritual, emotional, or physical.  Because God is intentional about everything He does, I don’t think it was by happenstance that He picked Adam and Eve’s place of residence to be a GARDEN!  What do you think? J Yes, just by smelling essential oils, some oils will stimulate vitality, alertness and strength, some will increase blood flow in body extremities, some will help to calm babies and alleviate stress, and some will even trigger the release of repressed emotions unawares. 


These are only a few reasons why I love my essential oils! I adore the earthy smell of patchouli.  I love the herbaceous smell of rosemary.  I delight in the spiciness of cloves, ginger, and cinnamon.  I love the intimate, woody smell of sandalwood (aloes).  I treasure the resinous smell of myrrh and frankincense.   I have come to appreciate the floral scent of ylang ylang and absolutely adore citrusy grapefruit, lemon, and lime. I like my body’s response after I massage myself with them.  I appreciate the place that my mind goes to when I “Selah” after retiring from a week of managing the needs of a 3 year old, the responsibilities of a home, and the demands of a day job and my personal business.  I look forward to and long for God to speak to me when I apply my very own God-given anointing oil recipe on my body.  I love these fragrances!!! No, these are not the “rooty-tooty, fresh and fruity” fragrances you get from that other girl’s store – I’ll just call her “Vicky” for short.  But these are the bona fide, authentic fragrances from the maker Himself, which will literally take you to another place in Him if you let Him. 


So now, let me hear from you! Do you think you need to STOP?! And smell the roses… while you’re at it?  Do you need to Selah?  Remember, if everything seems to be coming at you all at once, maybe it’s an indication that you’re in the wrong lane!


Until next time, I am reminded that I am just simply Godzgurl, Made in His Image, and Living Life His Way!

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